MANILA, Philippines — The head coach of the Bay Area Dragons believes that his team has a long way to go despite their historic victory over the Blackwater Bossing in their maiden game in the PBA. This is despite the fact that the Bay Area Dragons won the game.

The Dragons started off their campaign in the 2022 PBA Commissioner’s Cup with a 133-87 victory over Blackwater on Wednesday night. The victory marked the beginning of the Dragons’ run in the tournament. The Bossing have suffered their worst defeat in the whole history of the franchise.

Bay Area is headed by multi-titled coach Brian Goorjian, who expressed his satisfaction with his team’s performance in the first few minutes of the game. The Dragons took an early lead because to Myles Powell’s strong play, and at the end of the first quarter, they had a 36-19 advantage over Blackwater, who never really posed a danger.

“We’ve difficulty being here protecting the agility the Filipino league boasts,” said Goorjian, whose squad played numerous tune-up games with local teams in advance of the conference. Goorjian’s team was preparing for the conference by playing a number of games against local teams. “This has proven to be challenging for us. This has been an area of concentration.”

“My impression is that our defensive play was solid to open the game. We maintained our position in front of them. We did a terrific job of controlling the on-balls, and when we moved to the offensive end of the court, we were really clicking “he continued.

Bay Area makes a statement with their slaughter of Blackwater, which can be found in the game recap.
Bay Area is familiar with Blackwater because they have competed against each other in a total of three tune-up matches, all of which were won by the Hong Kong-based visitor’s squad. In the games leading up to the Commissioner’s Cup, the Dragons also faced off against the NLEX Road Warriors, the TerraFirma Dyip, the Converge FiberXers, and Ateneo de Manila University. All of these opponents were from the Philippine Superliga.

Goorjian believes that despite having their first official game under their belt, there is still room for the team to improve as a whole. The head coach has educated himself with the local okbet basketball environment and has set a goal for the Dragons to be competitive with the best clubs in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

Bay Area Dragons

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“What we want to do is we want to keep getting better, we want to keep developing,” Goorjian added. “And I’ll just say it once more to everybody — we’re pleased to be a part of this league and to be this guest team,” the announcer said.

“I’ve seen the semifinals and the finals, and I know how wonderful this league is and how amazing those top teams are,” he added. “I know how great this league is and how fantastic those top teams are.” “We just want to come in and show the country that we’re here to help the basketball, we want to learn, we want to grow, and we want to present something that’s entertaining to the public,” they said. “We just want to come in and show the country that we’re here to help the basketball.”

“I hope that we have a team that gets good enough down the stretch that we can fight with the San Miguels and the Talk ‘N Texts, those teams down the back stretch, it would be important for us,” the narrator said.

The PBA has not seen a guest team since 2004; Bay Area is the first to compete since then. They will also be competing in the East Asia Super League, in addition to the Commissioner’s Cup (EASL). They will have two imports available to them in the EASL, but only one of them can play in the PBA. The Dragons decided to go with 6-foot-2 guard Myles Powell, who had previously competed in the NBA for the Philadelphia 76ers. In the NBA, Powell was a member of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Powell was unbeatable on Wednesday, scoring 41 points while making 14 of 28 shots from the field.

Goorjian is expecting his squad to have some difficulties in their upcoming games, particularly when they play opponents that they are not familiar with, despite the fact that his team performed very well against Blackwater. On Saturday, they will compete in the NorthPort tournament.

“I haven’t even experienced what you’re referring to, so it’s hard for me to understand what you’re talking about. They are obviously athletes. We are going to acquire video of them “remarked the trainer. “I know the guards play tremendously because I’ve seen the top four [teams] compete,” you say. “I’ve seen them play.”

“I am familiar with this team [NorthPort], and I am aware that this team possesses some very capable guards. This presents us with a challenge. Again, we’re just trying to get better at everything we do every day, especially on the defensive end, where I’m sure we’ll face some difficulties “he added.


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