EJ Obiena did not give the impression on Monday that he was a person who required a much-needed rest when he gamely responded to queries thrown at him by a few members of the media when they were having brunch.

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Obiena was in a playful mood as he wentofed off and discussed how he has been passing the time during his vacation by engaging in “mundane things.” He was dressed in a clean white shirt, black trousers, and a pair of sneakers that had seen better days.

But as soon as his professional life was brought to his attention, the outstanding pole vaulter came up with an answer that was very businesslike in a very short amount of time.

“I’m sure you’ve met me before,” he remarked with a grin. “I keep telling everyone that my goal in every competition is to take home the gold. That is, in all honesty, my clear strategy, and I believe that it is the method that is the least complicated in any competition.

He continued by saying, “I want to win and to be honest—addicting it’s to win—and I think it’s a wonderful thing that I feel this way.” “I want to win and to be honest—addicting it’s to win.” “But yeah. This is the goal that I want to accomplish in Paris: I want to win the gold.

Obiena has been on a roll as of late, finishing in a podium position in each of his recent races. This year, he won a total of 17 medals, 12 of which were gold. And amid a winning streak that spanned three competitions, one of those events being the one that was won at the expense of Swedish star and friend Armand “Mondo” Duplantis, the figurative standard that the entire competition judges itself against.

“Another victory,” they said.
Obiena, a Filipino star who is 26 years old, is happy that he was able to defeat the seemingly unbeatable Olympic champion Duplantis during the Diamond League competition in Brussels on September 3. However, Obiena is not one to make a big deal out of something that is very little.

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“That’s quite good. It’s wonderful. At the same time, it’s an addition to my career,” he stated in the media get-together that was hosted at Aristocrat in Malate, Manila, where he was joined by his German girlfriend and national triple jumper Caroline Joyeux, as well as his mother Jeanette Uy. The event was attended by the media. “Of course, it’s something to be proud of, but it’s just another win.

“It’s not because you can say something like, ‘Oh, I beat Mondo.’ It’s possible that it’s unique, but overall, it doesn’t really mean all that much. Mondo is Mondo. He is the best there has ever been and the greatest of all time. It is possible that he has completed more jumps of six meters than any other pole vaulter.

“However, on the other hand, he acknowledged that he is only human. But that’s simply another contest to worry about. “I’m just glad that I won my first Diamond League, and that makes it even sweeter, frankly, than beating Mondo,” he continued. “I’m just happy that I won my first Diamond League.”

As Obiena prepares for nonstop training in preparation for the Summer Olympic Games in France, he is aware that he needs to start plotting as soon as possible.

Tennis is a sport that he has recently acquired an interest in, and one that he has been invested in, all owing to recently crowned princess of the US Open Alex Eala. For the time being, though, he plans to spend the remaining days at home playing tennis.

A new hobby
“If I’m being completely honest, I’ve become very fixated on tennis. Over the past few years, I’ve been keeping up with it. Every every race and event that there is. I adore the mindset that the sport instills in its participants, and I believe that mental toughness is now more important than physical ability these days. And I see it,” Obiena stated.

Tennis has been more than just a pastime for Obiena for him. He stated that the activity has provided him with something that he wants to be able to duplicate as he moves forward in his career as a pole vaulter.

“There’s like a handful of girls ranging in age from 15 to 18 and beyond… asking me, ‘Do you know Alex?’ I responded, “Yeah, I know Alex,” and they responded, “Oh wow, she’s fantastic, she’s good.” I thought it was pretty cool. That is the kind of thing that I would like to be engaged in. I have high hopes that a Filipino trainer will be questioned about whether or not they are familiar with EJ Obiena in some training center, somewhere in the world. “Oh, he’s good, you know,” the speaker said. Just putting that Filipino thing.


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